Frequently Asked Questions

Do you limit the number on your books?

YES! We are a boutique agency so therefore we are extremely selective with the talent we offer representation to. All successful applicants will receive an email discussing the next steps

Can you guarantee work?

No and unfortunately no agency can, we will be working very hard to submit you to all suitable roles and assignments and market you the best we can but at the end it’s the clients decision on who they pick.

Do you charge to join?

Please email us for a full rundown;

Castings and auditions:

Sometimes you will be notified about a casting last minute, please be aware this is the industry, be prepared to be booked for jobs last minute as well.

Do you take a commission from money earned on jobs?

Yes, we take 20% on jobs booked to cover our time for representation and booking management.

Please take time to read working conditions with children at this website:

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